Welcome to the PARRT website

Welcome to the PARRT website – PARRT are the People’s Animal Rescue and Rehoming Team.  We work in the North East area around Northumberland to help care for and rehome cats, dogs and other animals.

Please find below a list of our current animals that are looking for a home – if you wish to apply to look after them, please contact us.



  1. Well done on the new website! I’m sure it will help to find homes for many more animals.

    We have the gorgeous Charlie Labrador from PARRT. He is such a lovely happy boy, so glad we got him.

    Keep up the good work.


  2. i would like to thank parrt for introducing me to sandy. we are inseperable he is the best thing that has happened to me and i love him to bits thankyou. i also think your organisation is fantastic and recomend it to all people looking to home a new animal.


  3. Hi everyone doing a great job! Just to update you on Sandy now known as Bentley. he is doing really well but the reason he barks such a lot is because he is partly deaf.We now use a lot of hand signals and he is so much better.He hasn’t lost loads of weight but the vet says he never will. he does have a great life with the other 3 dogs and is as active as he wants to be.He also goes to grooming every 6 weeks. so life is good . best Wishes Gill&Bentley


  4. Seaton and Della form 06/11/09 as Maisie and Paddy then ,they were from Seaton Delaval hence the names , continue to give me greta joy and contentment , (and vice versa) .

    Thanks for all you do.

    Please let me know when youhave one of your garden parties or other fundraisers.

    I am doing a 26 mile challenge walk in May along the coast and PARRT will be the organisation my sponsorship money goes to.



    • It’s great to hear they are doing well and thanks you so much for raising money for us! That is very kind of you to do.
      Thanks once again for supportng us and for adopting!
      Best Wishes, The PARRT Team


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